Thank a Soldier. Share your message of goodwill here.

The Army Historical Foundation has launched a Thank a Soldier Postcard Program to help appreciate America’s Soldiers throughout the year.

Here at The Army Historical Foundation (AHF), our mission is to honor the American Soldier both past and present. Help us honor today’s Soldiers with a note of thanks or just a “hello” to show America’s Soldiers they are not forgotten.

Consider joining us in sending the love this year by writing your own message of gratitude to a Soldier. Submit your personal message below and the Foundation will share your note as a printed postcard for one of our brave Soldiers.

#sharethelove #thankyouforyourservice


The Registries provide a unique opportunity to recognize and honor active duty Soldiers, fallen Soldiers, and veterans, civilians who worked with or for the Army, and animals that served a role during conflicts.