5th Infantry Regiment

With its lineage extending back to 1808 when the Army organized the 4th Infantry, the 5th Infantry Regiment is one of the Army’s longest serving infantry units.  In 1815, several […]

Major General Jacob Jennings Brown

Jacob Jennings Brown was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on 9 May 1775. His parents were Quakers. He supervised a school at Crosswicks, New Jersey when he was 18 years old, […]

Major General Alexander Macomb

Alexander Macomb was born in Detroit, on 3 April 1782. He moved to New York and was educated in Newark, New Jersey. When he was 16, he enlisted in the New […]

Brevet Lieutenant General Winfield Scott

Winfield Scott was born near Petersburg, Virginia, on 13 June 1786. He attended William and Mary College for a time and then studied law in Virginia. Scott then enlisted in Petersburg’s cavalry troop […]

The Battle of Chippewa, 5 July 1814

by Matthew Seelinger, Chief Historian As a result of a number of longstanding grievances with Great Britain, including the impressment of American sailors into the Royal Navy and British interference in […]