National Museum of the United States Army Photograph Compendium

The Army Historical Foundation (AHF) is excited to announce our newest publication, a pictorial book depicting the making of the National Museum of the United States Army. The book is a compendium of photographs by Colonel Duane A. Lempke (USA-Ret.) who has meticulously documented the story of the Museum—from early construction to its completion.

Made possible through the support of many of the Museum’s long-time supporters, including the Association of the United States Army, the Pritzker Military Museum and Library, Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopters, FedEx, and Leidos, the book provides a full overview of this long overdue national landmark.

In his opening remarks, Lempke notes, “The Army staff and The Army Historical Foundation look forward to sharing this magnificent building with you much the same way I feel about my book. It is unique and majestic. It is our Museum. A Soldier’s dream that now awaits you is ready for you to come visit and share its history, our history and its many ways to serve in the United States Army.”

Kerri Kline, AHF’s Vice President of Operations, explained, “This book will be treasure for all who have been a part of making the Museum a reality. Especially for those who may not be able to visit, it transports you through the galleries and the exterior elements to give you a full view of this incredible place. We can’t wait for it to be a staple on your coffee table!”

The book, which is 6.5”x11” can be purchased in the Museum’s Online Store for $24.95 by visiting