Grassroots Spotlight – Fred Becker, Cape Coral, FL

“My dad was in the Army Air Corps, and I followed in his footsteps by serving from 1970 – 1973. Since taking off my uniform, I have always looked for ways to support our military and those who serve. When I saw The Army Historical Foundation’s call for grassroots volunteers, I figured it was a chance to do my part. I have worked in sales, and I enjoy meeting people, so I knew I’d be pretty good at getting the word out. When I meet a fellow veteran, I present them with a Museum pin. I also visit my local veterans’ hospital to hand-out the Foundation’s calendars. These are just symbolic gifts, but they are an important reminder to Army veterans of their tie to each other and the history preserved in the Museum. When I make my first trip to Washington, D.C., I’m really interested to see the Museum and how it is using technology to bring the history to life. I’ve been reading about the interactive exhibits they have, and I can’t wait to experience them in-person.”