COL Paul Tiberi and his family

COL Paul Tiberi and his family51st anniversary

Why my brick? My family immigrated to the United States when I was nearly ten years old and my sister eleven. The United States provided opportunities to each of us beyond our dreams. When the trumpet summoned during the Vietnam War, I enlisted notwithstanding my reservations about the war as a way to repay the Nation for the blessings it bestowed upon us. Almost coerced to attend the Officer Candidate School, I retired thirty years later at the rank of Colonel, again blessed with enormous opportunities throughout that service. But, it was the twenty years of service by each of my two sons, Michael and Scott, that motivated me to commemorate our family’s service to the Nation — 70 years in all — via this worthy cause. We’re incredibly proud to have served our Nation and her people! (Return to “Why my brick?” Testimonial Page.)