Army ArtiFACTS – Episode 3 – National D-Day Memorial “The Bedford Boys”

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Welcome to Army ArtiFACTS, The Army Historical Foundation’s latest Army history programming. Enjoy this new series that explores artifacts from across America.

Army ArtiFACTS provides a series of pre-recorded programs that focuses on an Army related artifact that can be found in a military history or peer museum. Every episode features a topical industry expert as a program guest.

Episode #3: National D-Day Memorial "The Bedford Boys"

The Army Historical Foundation interviews and tours with the National D-Day Memorial to learn about its statues and memorials dedicated to the memory of the Bedford Boys. Watch and listen to the Memorials Director of Education, John D. Long, as he recounts the beginnings and lives of the community of Bedford, Virginia and how it was affected following the D-Day Invasion of Normandy.