ARMY ARTIFACTS — EPISODE 14 — Army and Veteran Stories from Pohick Church

Episode #14: Army and Veteran Stories from Pohick Church

This episode of Army Artifacts features Caden Ritchie, Army Historical Foundation intern, and Sandra Caesar, Cemetery Warden for The Pohick Episcopal Church Cemetery in Lorton, Virginia.

Caden and Ms. Caesar discuss the historic beginnings of the church as well as some of its more notable attendees including George Mason, William Fairfax, and George Washington. In addition to the church’s early American and Revolutionary War stories, they also discuss the church’s Civil War history. In fact, many of the Soldiers’ left their mark, or graffiti, on the outside of the church that can still be seen today.

The episode concludes with Caden telling the stories of some of the Army Veterans buried in the cemetery including George Cyr, Robert Cockroft, and David Belcher.