AHF New Livestream Program Offering

The Army Historical Foundation is excited to serve up another program. This one will focus on answering the question: “What did Soldiers eat?”

“Army Soundbites” is a new, free, program focused on the history of food and drink in the U.S. Army. The series will host guest speakers including historians, museum professionals, and living history reenactors from Army related sites. It will be livestreamed from The Foundation’s YouTube channel and the subsequent recording shared on The Foundation’s website and other social media platforms.

The first in the series will feature Thomas Plott, the Manager of Character Interpretation at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. During this program, Mr. Plott will portray Washington’s personal physician, Dr. James Craik, and will recount the struggle and adversity of trying to feed a newly established Army during the Revolutionary War.

“Army Soundbites” is designed to be a brief program lasting no longer than 15 to 30 minutes in order to provide just a taste of what is in store for visitors when they venture into the National Museum of the United States Army where supplying the everyday Soldier is just one of the key stories of the Nation’s oldest military branch from the American Revolution to today’s Army.