AHF Launches Volunteer Stories from Home

When recent health and safety precautions forced the National Museum of the United States Army to temporarily close its doors this past winter, the Museum’s volunteers were no longer able to share the Museum’s hidden stories and why they chose to be part of this historic project. 

“Volunteer Stories from Home” is a new weekly video series highlighting the Museum’s volunteer corps. Each volunteer comes from a different background…has a different connection to the U.S. Army…and has their own story of service to tell. All of them are passionate about the history, lessons, and values we can learn from the American Soldier.

Hosted by The Army Historical Foundation, these video clips are just a glimpse into the lives of the Museum’s volunteers. They are one of the Museum’s most valuable assets, and they eagerly await for the Museum to reopen, so they can share the storied history of the U.S. Army and our nation.

During National Volunteer Appreciation Week, The Army Historical Foundation is especially excited to share this new video series and launch the first episode on Volunteer Appreciation Day this April 22, 2021. You can also learn more about the National Museum of the United States Army’s volunteer opportunities, such as visitor services, special events, tours, education, gardening and administration.  The Museum is building a diverse group of volunteers with varied backgrounds and experiences. Specific educational degrees or work experience are not required. You can learn more online at the Museum’s website.