Next Brick Installation Coming this Spring

The Army Historical Foundation (AHF) has exciting news for commemorative brick purchasers! The next installation of bricks will begin this spring along the “South Walk” at the National Museum of the United States Army. While the first installation of bricks occurred prior to the Museum’s opening in November 2020, there are still thousands more bricks to be installed.

“We have received many questions from supporters not being able to find their bricks through the Museum’s brick locator app, and the answer for most is that those bricks have yet to be installed,” explained Samantha Chavez, AHF’s Associate Director of Donor and Member Programs. “Installation of the bricks is an ongoing process, and we are happy to announce this next phase of the endeavor.”

Chavez noted that there are bricks ready and waiting to be placed this spring with another installation planned for the fall. “Weather is always a factor in these plans, but we are working hard to ensure that when supporters are able to visit they will see their brick at the Museum.”

“This program is such an important part of the Museum experience, we are so grateful to those who have already purchased their bricks,” concluded Chavez. “And for those of you who have yet to honor your own service or the service of a loved one with a brick, you can still purchase bricks for future installations!”

For more information on the Commemorative Brick Program and the Brick Locator App visit or call (855) ARMY-BRX.